2023 MLB Playoffs: Today's latest MLB postseason pictures, postseason schedule and wild card games (2023)

Who will make this year's MLB playoffs? We'll be covering the postseason on a weekly basis, with regular updates of the MLB playoff standings and seeding prospects for the 2023 American League and National League playoffs.

As with every season, Sportsnaut's MLB Playoff pictures will show what's happening around the league. You can find our spring training MLB playoff predictions below and the latest playoff odds at the top of the page.

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2023 MLB Playoffs in Pictures: Who Will Make the Playoffs Today?

2023 MLB Playoffs: Today's latest MLB postseason pictures, postseason schedule and wild card games (1)

The MLB season is halfway through and the All-Star Game is a thing of the past, according to the latest reportsMLB standings, the latest MLB playoff odds as of August 25.

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Pictures from today's MLB playoffs

  • American League
    • AL no. 1 seed –Baltimore Orioles – 1st round bye
    • AL 2nd seed –Texas Rangers – 1st round bye
    • AL Wild Card –3. Minnesota Twins 6. Houston Astros
    • AL Wild Card –4. Tampa Bay Rays vs. 5. Seattle Mariners
  • national league
    • 1st holder of the League of Nations –Atlanta Braves – 1st round bye
    • League of Nations second seed –Los Angeles Dodgers - 1st round bye
    • Nations League Wild Card –#3 Milwaukee Brewers vs. #6 Arizona Diamondbacks
    • Nations League Wild Card –4. Philadelphia Phillies protiv 5. Chicago Cubsa

American League Playoff Predictions

AL no. 1 seed against no. 4/5 WC Champions: Baltimore Orioles (No. 1) vs. Tampa Bay Rays/Seattle Mariners

If the MLB playoffs started today, the Baltimore Orioles would be #1 in the American League. As the No. 1 seed, Baltimore will receive a first-round bye in the AL wild-card series and face the winner of the No. 4 and No. 5 seeds in the AL divisional round. The Orioles will have home field advantage in the AL playoffs.

AL 2nd vs. AL 3/6 WC Winner: Texas Rangers (2nd) vs. Minnesota Guards/Houston Astros

The Texas Rangers lead the AL West and have a better record than any team in the AL Central, making them the second seed in the American League. If the MLB playoffs started today, Texas would have a first round playoff bye and then face the 3rd and 6th seeds in the AL divisional round with the winner.

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National League Playoff Predictions

NL no. 1 seed vs. NL 4/5 SP Championship: Atlanta Braves (#1) vs. Chicago Cubs/Philadelphia Phillies

If the MLB playoffs started today, the Atlanta Braves would be the top seed. As the top seed, Atlanta will receive a bye in the first round of the NFC Wild Card Series and face the winner of the No. 4 or no. 5 in the NFC Divisional Series. The Warriors will also have home court advantage in any game during the NFC playoffs.

NL no. 2 Seed vs. NL 3/6 SP Championship: Los Angeles Dodgers (No. 2) vs. Milwaukee Brewers/Arizona Diamondbacks

The Los Angeles Dodgers are currently the second seed in the National League. If the Dodgers hold on to the No. 2 seed, they'll have a first-round sweep of the NFC wild-card series and then face the winner of the No. 3 and No. 6 seeds.

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MLB Playoff Standings

American League Playoff Seeds

  1. Baltimore Orioles –79-48 - AL Istok
  2. Texas Rangers –72-55 – AL Zapad
  3. blizanci from Minnesote– 66-62 – Central Alabama
  4. Tampa Bay Rays –78-51 – Wild Card (br. 4)
  5. Seattle Mariners –71-56 - replacement card (No. 5)
  6. houston astros– 72-57 – Wild Card (br. 6)
    • 7.toronto blue jays70-58 (view, other).
    • 8. Boston Red Sox –68-60 (view, professional).
    • 9. New York Yankees –61-66 (view, other).
    • 10. Los Angeles Angels –61-67 (view, other).

National League Playoff Seeds

  1. Atlanta Braves –82-44-NL source
  2. los angeles dodgers78-48 - NFC Zapad
  3. Milwaukee Brewers –70-57 – Central Netherlands
  4. Philadelphia Phillies –69-58 – Wild Cards (br. 4)
  5. Chicago Cubs –67-60 – Wild Card (br. 5)
  6. Arizona Diamondbacks –67-61 – Wild Cards (br. 6)
    • 7. San Francisco Giants –66-61 (view, professional).
    • 8. Cincinnati Reds –67-62 (view, other).
    • 9.miami marlins65-63 (view, professional).
    • 10. San Diego Padres –61-67 (view, other).

MLB Wild Card standings

  • American League
    • AL4号-Tampa Bay Rays (+6)
    • AL 5 号 -Seattle Mariners
    • AL6号-houston astros
      • Toronto Blue Jays –1.5 GB space
      • Boston Red Sox –3.5 GB space
      • New York Yankees –10 GB space
      • Los Angeles Angels –10.5 GB space
  • national league
    • The Netherlands no. 4 –Philadelphia Phillies (+2,5)
    • NL br. 5 –Chicago Cubs (+0,5)
    • The Netherlands no. 6 –Arizona Diamondbacks
      • San Francisco Giants –0,5 GB Sidewinder
      • Cincinnati Reds –0,5 GB Sidewinder
      • Miami Marlins –2 GB Sidewinder
      • San Diego Padres –6 GB Sidewinder

Who is in the running for the MLB wild card?

The Cincinnati Reds, Chicago Cubs, Arizona Diamondbacks, Miami Marlins, San Francisco Giants, Philadelphia Phillies and San Diego Padres are competing for a National League wild card spot in the MLB playoffs. In the American League, the Tampa Bay Rays, Toronto Blue Jays, New York Yankees, Houston Astros, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Angels and Seattle Mariners are competing for the American League wild card spot.

Will the Yankees make the playoffs in 2023?

The New York Yankees will not make the playoffs in 2023. It was the first time since 2016 that the Yankees did not make the playoffs. The Yankees have gone 14 seasons without a World Series title.

Who leads the wild card race?

In the National League, the Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs and Arizona Diamondbacks lead the race for the National League wild card. In the American League, the Tampa Bay Rays, Houston Astros and Seattle Mariners lead the AL wild-card race.

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How are the NFC playoffs going?

  • 1st holder of the League of Nations –Atlanta Braves
  • League of Nations second seed –los angeles dodgers
  • 3rd holder of the League of Nations –Milwaukee Brewers
  • Holder of League of Nations no. 4 –Philadelphia Phillies
  • 5th holder of the League of Nations –chicago cubs
  • NL 6th seed –Arizona Diamondbacks

How are the American League playoffs going?

  • AL no. 1 seed –baltimore orioles
  • AL 2nd seed –Texas Rangers
  • AL 3rd seed –blizanci from Minnesote
  • AL 4th seed –tampa laurel rye
  • AL 5th seed –Seattle Mariners
  • AL 6th seed –houston astros

Which MLB teams were eliminated in the playoffs?

The Oakland Athletics and Kansas City Royals have been eliminated from the Major League Baseball playoffs.

When do the 2023 MLB playoffs start?

The 2023 MLB Playoffs begin on Tuesday, October 3rd. The MLB playoffs begin two days after the regular season, on Sunday, October 1st. So the wild card round starts on October 3rd.

2023 MLB Playoff Schedule

  • Wild Card Wheel:3rd-5th November
  • Division Rounds:November 7-13
  • Championship Series:November 15-24
  • World Series:October 27 – November 4

MLB Playoff Schedule FAQ

How many games are there in the first round of the MLB playoffs?

The first round of the MLB playoffs is a best-of-three series. Each wild-card team first wins two games to advance to the divisional round.

When is the World Cup?

The 2023 World Cup begins on Friday, October 27. The seventh match of the World Cup could take place on Saturday, November 4.

When does the MLB Division Series start?

The MLB Divisional Playoff Series begins on Saturday, October 7th. The divisional round will end no later than October 13.

MLB Playoff Predictions - Who Will Make the 2023 MLB Playoffs?

Sportsnaut's 2023 MLB Playoff Predictions were created prior to Opening Day and will be updated prior to the start of the regular season. After that, updates throughout the regular season will focus on the latest MLB playoff games.

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  • National league playoffs
    • League of Nations wild card:San Diego Padres protiv Philadelphia Phillies, New York Mets protiv St. Louis Cardinals
    • Office of State Statistics:San Diego Padres vs. Atlanta Braves, Los Angeles Dodgers vs. New York Mets
    • NLCS:The San Diego Padres defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in seven games
    • Dutch Champion:san diego padres
  • American League Playoffs:
    • AL wild card:New York Yankees vs. Cleveland Guardians, Seattle Mariners vs. Minnesota Twins
    • ALDS:The Toronto Blue Jays will play New York on Monday, while the Houston Astros will play the Seattle Mariners
    • ALCS:The Toronto Blue Jays defeated the Houston Astros in six games
    • AL Winner:toronto blue jays
  • Predictions for the 2023 World Cup:
    • The Padres beat the Blue Jays in six games
    • World Cup MVP:Manny Machado

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When do the MLB playoffs start?

2023 MLB Playoffs: Today's latest MLB postseason pictures, postseason schedule and wild card games (5)

The 2023 MLB playoffs will begin on Tuesday, October 2 with the wild card schedule. Similar to the 2022 MLB schedule, the regular season ends on Wednesday, October 5, and the playoffs begin two days later. Following the same precedent, the MLB playoff schedule begins two days after the last day of the regular season (Sunday, October 1).

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What will the new MLB playoff format look like?

In the new MLB playoff bracket, 12 teams are making the playoffs. There are six teams in the American League and six teams in the National League. The two division champion teams with the best records advance in the first round and automatically advance to the division round. The Division III champions will host a wild-card series against the third wild-card team (sixth seed).

How many teams have made the MLB playoffs?

2023 MLB Playoffs: Today's latest MLB postseason pictures, postseason schedule and wild card games (6)

Twelve teams make the MLB playoffs, with six teams each in the National League and American League. The top two division champions with the best records in the American League and the National League will receive a first-round bye, while the third-place finishers and three wild-card teams in the division will participate in the wild-card round of the MLB Playoffs.

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Major League Baseball expanded its playoff field during the 2020 season, which was shortened due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the postseason returned to its standard 10-team format in 2021. While league officials pushed for a 14-team MLB playoff format in 2022, the players did not support it. And determined the playoffs with 12 teams.

Who won the MLB playoffs?

No MLB team has yet secured a 2023 playoff berth. Since this is a 162-game season, we won't see any clubs secure a playoff spot until September.

What month does the MLB playoffs start?

The MLB playoffs begin in October, the regular season ends at the beginning of the month, and the playoff schedule begins a few days later. The World Cup usually ends in November, depending on how long the series is.

Are there divisions in the MLB playoffs?

Yes, MLB uses 12-team divisions with 6 National League teams and 6 American League teams split across two sides. The winners of both sides will then go to the World Cup.

2023 MLB Playoff Format – What is the MLB Playoff Format?

This is the format of the MLB playoffs, and the new format will take effect in 2022.

  • Seed no. 1 –Best National League/American League record, first round bye
  • Seed no. 2 --Division champions second best result, first round bye
  • Seed no. 3 --The division champion with the third best result faces the sixth seed
  • Seed no. 4 --The wild card team with the best record hosts the fifth seed
  • Seed no. 5 --The second best team with a wildcard plays against the 4th seed
  • Seed no. 6 --The third wild card team, against the third seed

Matches between 3rd and 6th and 4th and 5th series are best of three series. The winner of 3-6 will play against the 2nd seed, and the winner of 4-5 against the 1st seed.

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When is the 2023 World Cup?

2023 MLB Playoffs: Today's latest MLB postseason pictures, postseason schedule and wild card games (8)

The date of the 2023 World Cup has yet to be determined. but thatMLB regular seasonThe MLB playoffs will end on Sunday, October 1st, and the MLB playoffs are expected to begin on Tuesday, October 3rd. Stay up-to-date with the latest news on the MLB playoff schedule.

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How many wild card teams does MLB have?

There are six wild card teams in the MLB playoffs. Under the new MLB collective bargaining agreement, the postseason is expanded starting in 2022. There are 3 wild card teams in the NL and 3 teams in the AL. The lowest-seeded wild card team in each will face the lowest-scoring division champion. The competition system is as follows, and the order in the playoffs is determined according to the latest MLB standings.

  • Team no. 6 Wild Card vs. Division Champion No. 3
  • Wild Card Team 5 protiv Wild Card Team 4

Each AL and NL wild card series is a best-of-three series. The top seed with the best record in each league will face the winner of the 4-on-5 matchup. Meanwhile, the No. 2 seed will face the winner of the No. 3 and no. 6 in the divisional round.

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How many games are there in the MLB playoffs?

2023 MLB Playoffs: Today's latest MLB postseason pictures, postseason schedule and wild card games (10)

The number of games in the MLB playoffs is determined by how long it takes teams to win each series, ultimately advancing and being crowned the World Series champion. The length of each playoff series is shown below.

  • MLB Wild Card Game:Best of 3
  • MLB Division Series:Best of 5
  • NLCS i ALCS:Best of 7
  • World Series:Best of 7

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Who's in the 2022 MLB Playoffs?

2023 MLB Playoffs: Today's latest MLB postseason pictures, postseason schedule and wild card games (12)

Twelve teams will enter the 2022 MLB postseason following the expansion of the MLB playoff format under the new collective bargaining agreement. Here are the eight teams that made the MLB playoffs last season.

  • houston astros– World Series Champion
  • Philadelphia Phillies– Champion of the National League, runner-up of the World Series
  • New York Yankees –Lost to the Houston Astros in four games in the ALCS
  • San Diego Padres –Lost to the Philadelphia Phillies in five games
  • Los Angeles Dodgers –Lost to the San Diego Padres in four games
  • Atlanta Braves –Lost to the Philadelphia Phillies in four games in the NLDS
  • Seattle Mariners –Lost the ALDS in three games to the Houston Astros
  • Cleveland Guardians –Lost the ALDS in five games to the Cleveland Guardians
  • New York Mets –Lost to the San Diego Padres in three games in the NLWC
  • St. Louis Cardinals –Lost to St. Louis Cardinals in the NLWC in two games
  • Tampa Bay Rays –ALWC loses to Cleveland Guardians in two games
  • Toronto Blue Jays –Lost to the Seattle Mariners in 2 games in the ALWC

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Which team has played in the MLB playoffs the most times?

The New York Yankees are the team with the most postseason appearances in MLB history, with 58 MLB playoff appearances.

MLB playoff tiebreak

MLB has eliminated "Game 163," which was used as a tiebreaker to determine playoff eligibility. With the playoffs now complete, MLB is moving to a tiebreaker system that will determine postseason eligibility and MLB playoff seeding. This is the order in which each MLB playoff tiebreaker is decided.

  • 1.Confrontation record
  • 2.department records
  • 3.interdepartmental records
  • 4.second half of league matches
  • 5.Plus one in the second half of league matches (until the tie is settled)

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How to watch the MLB playoffs?

The full 2023 schedule, including broadcast information, can be found atToday's MLB game.

2021 MLB Playoff Results

2023 MLB Playoffs: Today's latest MLB postseason pictures, postseason schedule and wild card games (14)

These are the 2021 MLB Playoff scores and results.

national league

  • replacement ticket:Los Angeles Dodgers 3, St. Louis Cardinals 1
  • Series of branches:Dodgers vs. Giants (5 games), Braves vs. Brewers (4 games)
  • NLCS:Warriors beat Dodgers (6 games)
  • Champions of the National League 2021:Atlanta Braves

American League

  • replacement ticket:Boston Red Sox 6, New York Yankees 1
  • Series of branches:Red Sox vs. Rays (4 games), Astros vs. White Sox (4 games)
  • ALCS:Astros vs. Red Sox (6 games)
  • 2021 American League Champions:houston astros

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World Cup 2021

  • Atlanta Braves beat Houston Astros (6 games)


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