Spectrum Channel Guide: List of TV Channels in 2022 (2023)

Explore this Spectrum channel guide to find all the channels you can access with Spectrum TV.

I want to find a TV plan with the highest value. The most significant factor in this involves channel availability. So I compiled all available Spectrum channels.

In this guide, I will cover the following channel lists and tidbits:

  • channel guide
  • sports
  • canales premium
  • Spanish language
  • high definition channels
  • kids channels
  • international channels
  • music channels
  • Spectrum TV App Channels
  • Entertainment View Channel Plugin
  • TV blueprints out

Let's look at the Spectrum channels.

Spectrum Channel Lineup Guide: Comparison of Availability by Plan

Here's a comparison of the channels you can get with Spectrum's cable TV plans [1]:

Channel Nametv selectionMi Plan LatinoChoice of TV spectrumbasic TV spectrumSpectrum TV Fundamentals
red ACC
Animal Planet
AyM Deportes
BBC America
BabyFirstTV (SAP)
BabyTV (SAP)
band max
be in sports
Bloomberg Television
cn in spanish
channel once
channel in
aloe vera
cartoon network
comedy central
cooking channel
of movies
Classic cinema
discovery channel
canal disney
junior disney
espn sports
Ecuavisa International
FOX Business Network
fox sports
fox life
FOX News Channel
fox sports 1
special effects
food web
Free form
history in spanish
channel stamp
Featured Movies and Mysteries
english for all
Investigation Discovery
tv jewelry
magnolia net
national geological world
National Geography
Nick Jr.
red primordial
Nido SEC
buy very 1
buy very 2
Sundance TV
To confirm
chilean television
tv land
tv one
TV El Salvador
Telehit Urbano
the weather channel
travel channel
US Network
Univision soap operas
video scroll
Watching movies
we televise
Surprise! TV

Spectrum TV Channel Lineup

All plans include around 50 music-only channels.🇧🇷 I'll cover that in a bit.

Many of these channels are in HD. But Spectrum doesn't specify which ones.

Before talking about sports channels, I want to point out something strange. TV Select does not include Cartoon Network:

Spectrum Channel Guide: List of TV Channels in 2022 (1)


The fine print on the channel's schedule page indicateschannel availability varies by location🇧🇷 You will need to enter your address and see if you can access the channels you want.

Otherwise, what's the point of cable TV?

Spectrum TV Choice is rare. It can only be obtained in certain areas. But there is no official information to support my point, except for this [2]:

Spectrum Channel Guide: List of TV Channels in 2022 (2)

Whether TV Choice is available depends on your area🇧🇷 But other pages on their website do not mention this plan.

(Video) spectrum tv choice review demo

Spectrum Channel Guide: List of TV Channels in 2022 (3)


An unofficial source claims that you should call Spectrum customer support to see if the plan is available [3🇧🇷 Turn on855-366-7132get to someone

If you like sports, you will enjoy the next section.

List of Spectrum sports channels

You can purchase the following additional sports packages on the channel which include:

red ACCBTNbe in sports
ESNEWSfox sports 2golf channel
Red MAVTV MotorsportsRed MLBThe MLB strike zone
NBA televisionnfl rojaNFL Red Zone
Red NHLolympic channeloutside of channel
TVtennis channelwillow tv

You can add all of these channels to any Spectrum TV package for $6 a month.

If you just want BeIN SPORTS for whatever reason, it's the only channel on this list that also comes with a TV package. It's in the Mi Plan Latino plan.

Here are additional sports packages you can add to your plan:

  • soccer fox: $10 per month for live rugby, soccer and other international sports
  • NBA League Pass: $99.99 one-time fee for 40 HD NBA games occurring weekly
  • NHL Ice Center: One-time fee of $69.99 for 40 HD NHL games each week

You are probably looking forward to spending more money on channels. Let's dive into the premium channels you can get.

Spectrum Premium Channel Lineup

These are all the premium channels you can get through Spectrum TV:

5 stars MAX.ActionMAXCINEMAX
hboHBO2HBO comedy
hbo latinohbo familyHBO MAX
HBO subscriptionZona HBOTAN 2
WomanShow timeShowtime La Zona Familiar
showtime storefrontstarsWho Starz
Comedy Starzstarry edgeStarz Kids and Family
Starzin BlackStarzEncoreStarz Encore Action
StarzEncore NegroStarz Encore ClassicStarz Encore Spanish
StarzEncore FamilyStarzEncore Suspensostarzencore occidental

You cannot get all of the above channels through a single package.

You will have to pay for separate subscriptions with these pricing models:

  • HBO Max: $15/mes.
  • STARZ: $9.00/mes.
  • CINEMAX: $10/mes.
  • The Movie Channel (TMC): US$ 5,00/mês.
  • EPIX: $6.00/mes.
  • SHOW HOURS: $10/month.

Spectrum does not offer discounts when bundling premium channel subscriptions🇧🇷 You are stuck paying full price.

Let's talk about something else. Here are the channels in Spanish.

Spectrum Spanish channel lineup

You can get the following channels in Spanish through Mi Plan Latino or the Latino View channel add-on:

AyM Deportescubaplayenglish for all
BabyFirstTV (SAP)of moviesMexican
BabyTV (SAP)Classic cinemanational geological world
band maxdisney jr.Nick Jr.
be in sportsespn sportsUS TBN Link
channel onceEcuavisa Internationalchilean television
channel inFOROtvTV
aloe verafox sportsTV El Salvador
cartoon networkfox lifetelehit
CentroamericaTVFree formTelehit Urbano
CinemaMexicanhistory in spanishtelemicro
Univisionvideo scrollSurprise! TV
Univision soap operasWatching movies

The Latino View channel package costs US$12 per month🇧🇷 And it's the only international channel plugin that doesn't require the Spectrum TV app.

(Video) Spectrum TV Choice FULL Costs Review

Spectrum HD Channel List

It seems that Spectrum offers more than 200 channels in HD[4🇧🇷 Mind you, they don't stress.

Explore an area where Spectrum has more information. Family channels.

Channels of Spectrum Kid

Here are the Spectrum channels your kids will love:

universal childrentv land
travel channelSciences
NickelodeonNational Geographic
Song Choice: Just for Kids!Choice of music - Children's melodies
HISTORYcanal disney
cartoon networkDisney XD
discovery channelAnimal Planet

Some of these channels are available through certain channel packages.🇧🇷 Compare different packages before assuming you will get these channels.

List of international Spectrum channels

You can only get the following channels of international channels through the Spectrum TV app [5,6]:

Canalpackage you need
&TVview of india
zee bengaliview of india
Zee Canadaview of india
Zee Keralamview of india
sea ​​maratiview of india
Zee Punjabíview of india
zee tamilview of india
zee teluguview of india
Zee Newsview of india
zee worldview of india
WIONview of india
ABP NewsIndia Ver Premium
nowview of india
willow tvpunjabi view
asian setIndia Ver Premium
tv thingIndia Ver Premium
NDTV 24×7India Ver Premium
Oro ITVIndia Ver Premium
NDTV good timesIndia Ver Premium
JUS Punjabipunjabi view
SBTNvietnamese view
TVBVvietnamese view
kbs worldkorean view
SBSkorean view
CMBkorean view
TVCkorean view
TVK2korean view
TVK's Pop On Demandkorean view
japan tvJapanese View
Red Rai ItalyNot specified
Red of Mediaset ItalyNot specified
The Israeli NetworkNot specified
new greek tvNot specified
tv antennaNot specified
DW German+Not specified
Voz RTLNot specified
TV5MONDENot specified
TiVi5MONDENot specified
TFCPhilippine view
African National CongressPhilippine view
TV GMA PinoyPhilippine view
GMA News TVPhilippine view
GMA Life TVPhilippine view
Filipino a la cartePhilippine view
MYXPhilippine view
Radio DZBBPhilippine view
radio DWLSPhilippine view
TVB1 cantonsjade world view
TVBe cantonêsjade world view
Phoenix InfoNoticiasjade world view
Canal CTI-Zhong Tianjade world view
CCTV-4jade world view
Chinese Channel of Phoenix North Americajade world view

Spectrum's website is a bit awkward in showing the channel packages required to access some of these channels.

Examine the table and you will see "Unspecified". I couldn't find anywhere to buy these packs. you will needtalk to Spectrum customer service.

However, their website shows the packages. That must mean they offer them.

Here's a quick breakdown of the international channel package costs:

  • Vietnamese View: $9.99/mo.
  • Korean View: $12.99/mo.
  • Jade World View: $24.99/mo.
  • Punjabi View: $4.99/mo.
  • India View Premium: $29.99/mes.
  • India View: $19.99/mo.

Do you like jam?

You will want to see the next section.

List of Spectrum music channels

These are Spectrum's music-only channels:

song choiceChoice of Music: Classical MasterpiecesSong Choice - Hit List
Song Choice - 70'sSong Choice - Contemporary ChristianSong Choice - Indie
Choice of music - 80'sChoice Song: Country HitsChoice of music: jazz
Song Choice - 90'sSong Choice – Dance/EDMSong Choice: Just for Kids!
Music Choice - Alternative for adultsEasy listening choice of musicChoice of Music - Light Classical
Song Choice - BluesChoice of music - GospelChoice of music - max.
Classic Rock Song ChoiceChoice of music: hip-hop and R&BSong Choice - Metal
Song Choice - MexicanMusical Choice – Urban MusicMusic Choice - Party Favorites
Choice of music: pop and countryMusic Choice Pop HitsSelection of Latin pop music
Song Choice: R&B SoulSong Choice: R&B ClassicsSong Choice - Rap
Song Choice - ReggaeSong Choice - RockSong Choice: Rock Hits
Choice of Music - RomancesSong Choice: Singers and SwingSmooth Jazz Song Choice
Song Choice: Soft RockSong Choice - Solid Gold OldiesSong Choice - Sound of the Seasons
Choice of Music: SoundscapesChoice of Music: Stages and ScreenSong Choice - Teen Beats
Song Choice - Throwback JamzChoice of song - The country of todayChoice of music - Children's melodies
Song Choice - TropicalesSong Choice - Y2K

All of these channels come with every Spectrum TV package.

Let's talk about my favorite part of Spectrum TV. The application.

Spectrum TV App Channel List

These are the channels available with the Spectrum TV app [7]:

(Video) Spectrum TV Choice: Full Review

BravoBTN2Gocartoon network
GO culinary channelfox businessFox News
fox nowfox sportsHGTV IR
IR Food Networkwe televiseMSNBC
NFLCanal GO TravelCCM
BBC AmericaUS Networktrutv
SYFYsundance televisionSTARZ
universal childrenshowtime anytimeOxygen
Live NCAA March Madnessuniverse nowTV Nat Geo
IFCchannel stampgolf channel
FXNOWFree formDisneyNOW
For your informationAMCa B C
NBCadult swimminggo discovery
TLC IRanimal planet let's goGO investigation discovery
GO Science ChannelMotorTrend IRGO Life Discovery
American Heroes Channel GODestination America GOMLB at bat
comedy centralNickelodeonNick Jr.
LogoVH1red primordial
tv landsong choiceMESSAGE GO
pac-12 nowTERSauce
vicelandiaCanal SmithsonianUnivision
the weather channelBeIN Sports ConnectUnivision Now
STUDYINGgame show networkView NFL Network
Spectrum Bay 9 newsSpectrum News 13What's new in Spectrum
SportsNet spectrumNBACBS
Deportes CBSexplode nowREELZ NOW
tennis channelred ACChbo max
tv oneTV CLEORed SIM
MASCULINEfunny sportsFusible+

Channel availability variesby zip code. Take a look at the link I grabbed before the table above. Enter your zip code and see what's available.

What is the Spectrum TV app??

Think of it like a streaming platform but for Spectrum. I wrote a detailed guide that covers its details.

You cannot access all of these channels without certain channel packages🇧🇷 Here is an example. You will need the HBO channel package to access HBO Max.

And you can't access Univision without the Mi Plan Latino or Latino View channel package.

Let's explore another package of channels before we finish this marathon.

Essential Spectrum TV Channel List

Channels available through Spectrum's Entertainment View channel add-on pack include:

red ACCTV SHAFTSamerican heroes channel
BBC World NewsBabyFirst TVBoomerang
Red deportes CBSCNBC Worldcooking channel
destination americadiscovery familyjunior disney
Disney XDespn sportsESNEWS
ESPUNFMfox sports
fox sports 2GAC familyGSN
golf channelHDNet MoviesIndiePlex
mtv classicMTV2military history
NBA televisionnfl rojawild national geo
Newsmax TVNick Jr.Nick Music
nicktoonsTERolympic channel
RetroPlexscience channelCanal Smithsonian
CCMAdolescenteNicktennis channel
Tr3sUPuniversal children

The Entertainment View channel add-on package is $12 per month.

Do you like what you see (channel wise)?

Let's look at Spectrum's TV plans.

Cable TV Spectrum Packages

These are the cable TV plans that Spectrum offers:

CapaPromotion. PricePost promotion.CanalesBetter for
tv selection$59.99/mes.$79.99/mes.125+TV out basic
Plano MI Latina$39.99/mes.$54.99/mes.145+channels in spanish
Spectrum TV Select + Vista Latina$71.99/mes.ES200+More multilingual channel options

I cover theprices for all previous channel addonsin a separate piece. Otherwise, you'll get over 85,000 On Demand titles and the Spectrum TV app.

The Spectrum TV app is free with all Spectrum TV plans.

You must purchase a TV box with any of the Spectrum plans. There's the Apple HD TV box or a 4K TV box.

If you intend to primarily use the Spectrum TV app,Apple 4K TV will save you more money in the long run🇧🇷 You can pay $180 up front instead of the $9.99 indefinite fee for the regular TV box.

(Video) What is the most basic spectrum TV package?

There's nothing more exceptional about Spectrum's TV service. They offer cable TV channels.

Frequently Asked Questions: Charter Spectrum Channel Guide

Read on to find frequently asked questions about the Spectrum channel lineup.

Does Spectrum offer 4K channels?

You can watch 4K channels on Spectrum when you watch channels through the Apple 4K TV Box or similar 4K resolution boxes.

How do you find the channel guide on Spectrum TV?

Press the 'Guide' button on your Spectrum remote.


For the most part, Spectrum is straightforward with the channels it offers. When it comes to regional plans, it's the most confusing and contradictory information I've ever seen.

In general, they offer a wider variety of channels than most cable TV providers.

Consider learning more about Spectrum services. Explore our deepguide to everything they offer.

Get Spectrum TV now


How do I see all the channels on my Spectrum Guide? ›

With the full screen Guide displayed, press the OPTIONS or “A” button on the remote, then choose Guide Settings > Show Channels. Press OK to toggle between ALL CHANNELS and SUBSCRIBED.

What channels is Spectrum dropping 2022? ›

On January 1, 2022, NBC Sports Network, channels 80, 304, 849 on Spectrum Select, Stream News Sports & More, Spectrum Lifestyle TV and Business Entertainment, Premier, Sports TV, Digital Basic, will cease providing programming on your Spectrum channel lineup.

How do I search for channels on Spectrum? ›

To display the Search screen press the MENU button on the remote and select Search from the Spectrum Guide menu. Note: If you have the black Spectrum Guide Remote you can also use the dedicated Search button marked with a magnifying glass.

What channels are included in Spectrum TV Choice package? ›

As for what you get, all plans include the following:
  • Major broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and CW)
  • Your choice of 10 cable channels from a list of around 77.
  • Public access and educational channels such as PBS and C-SPAN.
  • Spectrum's News 1 channel.
  • Shopping channels, including QVC and HSN.
  • Music Choice channels.
Feb 19, 2019

How do you pull up the guide on the Spectrum app? ›

  1. Press the Return/Menu button to view the Spectrum TV main menu.
  2. Go to Guide and then press the Center Directional Pad to select.
  3. Use the arrow buttons to browse titles.
  4. Press the Center Directional Pad to choose a program.

Why is there no TV Guide on Spectrum? ›

If you're unable to view the full-sized Guide by pressing the Guide button on your remote: Press Menu on your remote, highlight Guide using the arrow buttons and then press OK/Select. If the issue continues, reboot your receiver by unplugging the power cord and allow at least 60 seconds before plugging it back in.


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