TCL TV won't connect to WiFi: Fixed in minutes - Shutter crash (2023)

Is your TCL TV not connecting to WiFi or your TCL Android TV not connecting to WiFi?

In any case, it's usually pretty easy to fix WiFi issues and it only takes a few minutes to get your TV up and running again.

If your TCL TV WiFi won't turn on, TCL TV WiFi keeps turning off or any other TCL TV WiFi problem, you can find the solutions in this complete guide.

TCL TV won't connect to WiFi: Fixed in minutes - Shutter crash (1)

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TCL TV not connecting to WiFi

To fix a TCL TV that won't connect to WiFi, you need to reset your TV by turning it off and on again. youUnplug it, press and hold the power button for 15 seconds, and after waiting another 30 minutes, plug the TV back in.You can also try updating your TV's IP and DNS and resetting your Wi-Fi network.

If your TCL TV won't connect to Wi-Fi after trying the above procedure, follow the steps below in order and I'm sure we'll get it working again.

1. Redefinir TCL TV WiFi

While this may seem like a fundamental step,Turning the TV off and on is usually the best way to fix TCL TV that won't connect to the Internet.

Resetting your TV will fix any non-persistent storage issues and reset your motherboard without losing your personal settings.

This is quick and painless and won't cause you to lose your saved settings.

  1. Make sure your TV is turned off and unplug it.
  2. Press and hold the physical power button on the TVat least 15 seconds.
  3. Waiting forat least 30 minutesso that no residual energy can drain from the TV's capacitors (which are capable of storing charge for several minutes).
  4. Plug your TV back in and try to turn it on. You mustsee a light when you've been successful.
TCL TV won't connect to WiFi: Fixed in minutes - Shutter crash (2)

Be sure to wait for the full30 minutesbefore plugging your TV back in - you'd be amazed how long the components inside your TV can hold a charge, and you'll want to make sure it's been fully reset.

(Video) How to fix Internet Wi-Fi Connection Problems on TCL Smart TV - 3 Solutions!

While it seems like a very simple step, don't skip it as in the vast majority of cases, a simple soft reset will fix most issues.

Most people now get their TV fixed and it's back up and running, but if your TCL TV won't connect to WiFi after the reset, we have a few more basic fixes to try before starting the hardware fixes.

2. TCL TV does not connect to WiFi automatically

If your TV's WiFi doesn't automatically connect and work on other devices, look for a problem with your TV's IP and DNS addresses.

In most cases, your TV should be configured to automatically pick up an IP address from your router and will usually also automatically obtain a DNS address used to resolve the IP addresses your TV connects to and create the URL you see in the address. bar of your browser.

However, it is possible that the IP address lookup has been set to Manual and your DNS settings are conflicting between your TV and your wireless router.

To fix this, pressHeimon your remote, then go toSettings -> Network & Internet -> [Click Connected Network].

TCL TV won't connect to WiFi: Fixed in minutes - Shutter crash (3)

Se oIP configuration modeis set toManual, then switch toDHCPand restart your TV. This will make your TV automatically select an IP address from your router.

Se oIP configuration modeis set toDHCP, then switch toManual, and change theServidor dnsFor8.8.8.8, which is one of Google's DNS servers that we know is definitely working.

Restart your TV and try your apps again.

3. TCL TV WiFi Authentication Problem

If your TCL Android TV does not connect to WiFi, it could be a sign that the password you entered is incorrect or the WPS setup failed.

If you used WPS, press oneWPSon your router and your TV will automatically detect the network and login credentials without any input other than you, so try entering your password manually.

TCL TV won't connect to WiFi: Fixed in minutes - Shutter crash (4)

If you entered it manually before, try entering your password again, but this time make sure it's correctshow passwordoption is selected so you can confirm that it is correct.

4. Make sure your router is not configured to use MAC address filtering

MAC address filtering allows you to specify which devices are allowed to connect to the Internet using their unique MAC addresses that each Internet-enabled device has.

If you or someone in your family has this enabled at the router level, your TCL TV will not connect to the Internet, even if it can connect to your WiFi.

Log into your router by typing theAdmin IP addressin your phone or computer browser. This is listed on a label on your router (usually or similar), along with the administrator's credentials.

Go toProgressiveorspecialized settingsand findmac filtering. Make sure it's turned off.

TCL TV won't connect to WiFi: Fixed in minutes - Shutter crash (5)

5. TCL TV WiFi keeps turning off

If your TCL TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi, you need to do thisMake sure the router is turned on and working properly, it's atNo WiFi signal interference or blockingbetween the router and the TV.

(Video) LG TV keeps dropping internet connection super easy fix

The easiest way to check if your router is working is to use another device e.g. B. a phone or iPad. Make sure you are using the same Wi-Fi network as your TV and make sure you can fully access the Internet.

WiFi interference can be a little harder to detect, but if you can,Try to place your TV as close to your router as possible, preferably in the same room.

If your TV and router are in separate rooms, try connecting another Wi-Fi capable device like your phone to the TV and see if you can successfully browse the internet from the same location as your TV on the same home network.

If your TV doesn't connect to the Internet but other devices do in the same location, you can assume that your router's WiFi signal is good and the problem is probably with your TV.

6. Run a network connection test

You can check whether the TV thinks your Wi-Fi network is connected successfully or not, which will help you narrow down the source of the problem by running aNetwork connection test.

Go toIdeasthen on your TVnetworkand scroll down toNetwork connection test.

TCL TV won't connect to WiFi: Fixed in minutes - Shutter crash (6)

You will get a pop-up window telling you whether it was successful or not, and if not, you can use the error message to diagnose the problem.

7. Update TCL TV firmware

If your TCL TV's WiFi won't turn on, updating the firmware is the best option.

Software and firmware issues are known to cause WiFi issues on TCL TVs.

As with any product, be sure to update your TV's firmware to the latest version, even if it's new.

How to update firmware on most TCL TVs:

  1. PressIdeason your remote.
  2. Go toSupport.
  3. ThenSoftware update.
TCL TV won't connect to WiFi: Fixed in minutes - Shutter crash (7)
  1. When asked if you want to update vianetworkorUSB, then choosenetwork.
  2. The software updater should then run and verify that you are using the latest version of the TV software. If not, download and install the latest firmware.

Para TCL Android TVs:

  1. PressHeimon your remote.
  2. Go toIdeastop right corner.
  3. To choosemore settings.
  4. Thendevice settings.
  5. EOne.
  6. ThenSystem update.
  7. To choosenetwork updateand download and install the new firmware.

TCL Roku TVs automatically update firmware when connected to the internet.If your WiFi has been down for a while, your TCL Roku TV might not have the latest firmware which you need to manually install.

  1. Go toRoku-Update-Siteon your computer, enter your TV model or serial number and clickNext. Both numbers can be found belowSettings -> System -> About, where the mode number consists of four digits followed by a letter and the serial number consists of twelve digits or letters.
TCL TV won't connect to WiFi: Fixed in minutes - Shutter crash (8)
  1. To choosedownload softwareat the command prompt to get your new firmware.
TCL TV won't connect to WiFi: Fixed in minutes - Shutter crash (9)
  1. put onPendriveon your computer and copy the downloaded software onto it, making sure it doesn't end up in any directory on your flash drive.
  2. Ejectyour computer's flash drive and connect it to theUSB port on your TV.
  3. Go toSettings -> System -> System Update -> I can't connectin your TV's menu.
  4. If you see the error, "Update file content is invalid' then run the latest firmware on your TV and you can move on to the next fix.
  5. If your firmware needs an update, you will receive one12 digit codeon your television.
  6. Enter this code on the Roku update site and you will get a6 digit codethat you need to insert into your TV.
TCL TV won't connect to WiFi: Fixed in minutes - Shutter crash (10)
  1. The update process then begins.

8. TCL TV does not detect 5GHz WiFi

It is possible that your TCL TV is not connecting to WiFi due to an issue with your 2.4GHz WiFi channel or 5GHz WiFi channel.

Log into your router's landing page, which you can usually find by typing or into a browser on your phone or computer (the exact IP is on a label on your router).

(Video) Hisense Roku TV: Wifi Internet Network Not Connecting? FIXED!

Locate the credentials on your router's label and take a look at the summary page to see if your TV is connecting on 2.4GHz or 5GHz.

TCL TV won't connect to WiFi: Fixed in minutes - Shutter crash (11)

If it connects to the 5GHz channel, try changing the settings on your TVnetworkThe page only connects on 2.4 GHz.

You can also update channel frequencies on the router itself, typically found onspecialized settingsorAdvanced Settings, change these values ​​and test your TV's WiFi connection again to see if they make a difference.

TCL TV won't connect to WiFi: Fixed in minutes - Shutter crash (12)

9. Check the time and date on your TV

As your router automatically assigns an IP address for a set period of time, if your TV's date and time are incorrect, it may cause the IP address to "expire" and prevent connection to the router.

The IP addresses set by your router have alease expirationyears (and this can be checked on your router's settings page), so if your TV has a time and date that is several years away from the current date/time, this could cause the IP lease to expire.

I go to theIdeasto your TV and manually update the date and time to today if it's not already showing.

10. Reset your TCL TV to factory settings

Factory resetting your TV is a more extreme step, as it erases all personalization features, downloaded apps, or connected devices, but it's always worth a try if other methods don't work.

How to Factory Reset a TCL Android TV:

  1. tightenIdeasbutton on your remote.
  2. Go toMore Settings -> Device Settings -> Reset.
  3. To choosefactory resetand thendelete all.
  4. You will see a popup asking you to enter a PIN. OHARDis listed above the popup so type it and click on itOKto start the reset process.

How to factory reset a TCL Roku TV:

  1. PressHeimon your remote.
  2. Go toSystem -> Advanced System Settings -> Factory Data Reset.
  3. To choosefactory reset everything.
  4. introduce theCodedisplayed and clickOKto reset your TV.

11. Reset your router

If you are still seeing a poor internet connection from your TCL TV, try a soft reset of your router first - unplugging it for 30 seconds - to see if that fixes the problem.

If not, try resetting the router by pushing a paperclip or something similar into the small reset hole, which is usually located on the back of the router.

You need to keep the paperclip on the reset buttonat least ten secondsto ensure your router is fully reset.

TCL TV won't connect to WiFi: Fixed in minutes - Shutter crash (13)

This will remove any personalization settings made on your router, such as B. a changed WLAN password or a changed network name. So make sure you still have the default WiFi logins for the router. They are usually found on a sticker on the router case.

12. Use an Ethernet cable

Finally, if you still can't get WiFi working on your TV, you may need to use an Ethernet cable.

Your TV or router should come with one, and this provides a wired internet connection that bypasses your WiFi.

If your TV is in a different room than your router and using an Ethernet cable is impractical, or if your TCL TV keeps losing its wired Internet connection, there is one final hardware fix that will get WiFi working again. .

13. Replace WiFi module

If none of the previous steps worked, then you are most likely suffering from a faulty WiFi module, which can be easily replaced.

(Video) Black Screen / Flickering / No Picture on TCL Roku TV? 3 Easy Fixes!

Check out the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to do this. You need to open your TV, what will it do?void your warranty, so this is really only a solution for TVs that are more than a year old.

How to connect TCL TV to WiFi without remote control

If you lost your remote or it doesn't work, you can connectTCL Roku TV sem controle remotousing the Roku app for Roku TVs or you can use third party apps like thisTV remote control for TCL TV.

As long as you're using a relatively modern TV and your TV can connect to your home Wi-Fi network, you can use apps like Roku on your phone even if your TV can't connect to the internet.

If your TV is unable to connect to Wi-Fi, apps that use your phone's infrared capabilities, like the link above, may work.

Alternatively, try connecting a USB keyboard to the TV's USB port and using the directional buttons in combination with any menu or similar buttons on the TV's body to navigate the built-in menus and connect to your home network.

TCL TV Support and Warranty

Is obviousif your TV is less than a year old, then you must contactTCL Customer Serviceto replace it under warranty.

You can call TCL directly through:

  • 1-877-300-8837(Seg-Sex, 9am-12pm ET, Sat-Dom, 9am-6pm ET)

Orcontact them via email.

Even if TCL doesn't fix your TV, they might still offer you a discount on a future model if you nag them enough! In my experience, it's always worth a try.

So how do you fix a TCL TV that won't connect to WiFi?

How to fix a TCL TV that won't connect to WiFi:

  1. Turn the TV off and on again to restart it.
  2. Update your automatically obtained IP and DNS to
  3. Make sure your WiFi password is correct.
  4. Confirm that the router is not performing MAC address filtering.
  5. Check for signal interference.
  6. Run a network connection test.
  7. Update your TV's firmware.
  8. Switch your TV to 2.4GHz WiFi channel.
  9. Check the time and date on your TV.
  10. Factory reset your TV.
  11. Reset your router.
  12. Use an Ethernet cable.
  13. Replace WiFi module.

Hopefully now you have your TV's WiFi working again. If not, leave me a comment and I'll see what else I can do to help.

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